Car Auto Parts Replacement: Front Grille

Grills are found on the front of your car. It functions as a protective barrier between your car’s radiator and the outside environment. I know many people who have confused grilles with radiators thinking they are the same. They are completely different. Because of the position of the grille, it is susceptible to damages.

Small debris and critters may come crashing into the auto car part, especially if you are driving in the countryside or off-road. Holes or cracks in the grille may lead to damages in the internal auto car parts due to the bombardment of debris. You should immediately attend to this issue immediately as it may become costly if other parts are damaged.

It is fairly easy to replace a grille. The following are steps you can follow to change your car’s grills. For this, you will need a Socket set or spanners.

Finding The Grille Top

The first job is to find the top of the grille. You need to open the bonnet and locate the protective strip. Remove the protective strip first and then start working on removing the front grille.

Unbolting The Grille

Find the bolts that hold the grille in place. Once you locate where the grille’s bolts are located spray them with a lubricant. This will help the bolts loosen up. Take the spanner that matches the bolts and start unbolting them one by one. Make sure to put the bolts in one safe place as you will need them later.

Grille Removal

Once you have removed all the bolts, the car part becomes removable. You do need to use some force to remove the part from its place though. Just pull on it a little steadily and it will come off. When the part is completely removed, do a quick check to see if both the parts match or not.

Installing The New Grille

Once you see that both the exterior car accessories are the same you can start the installation process. Fix in the front grille first, then start putting the bolts in the designated hole. You need to make sure the alignment is correct and then proceed with placing the bolts. Once the bolts are placed you can proceed to the next step.

Bolting The Grills In

Now all you have to do is bolt the grille into your car. Fetch the bolts and then start putting each on very carefully. I say carefully because, the place you are working on is usually made of aluminum or plastic. If you use excessive force then it may cause shredding or tear on the body of your car which will need repairs. So bolting them together should be a task you handle carefully.

Testing The Car Part Out

Once you have fitted your car with the auto part you should take your car out for a test drive. Move around the block for a test run, if you hear rattling or knocking sound coming from it then the car auto part installation was not done correctly. Check what you missed and complete it and then take your car out for another test run. If you are wondering where you can get the parts well like me you can shop online. You can find amazing cheap auto parts online which don’t lack in quality.

So, now you know how to replace a grille. The next time you need to replace it you can do it yourself. You will be saving a lot of money on repairs if you do it yourself.