9 Moving Hacks That Will Make The Whole Process Easier

Old furniture removal is one heck of a job – not to mention the sheer tiredness and price factor when it comes to transportation of house goods from one place to another.

Following are some moving hacks, dedicated to old furniture removal. Happy reading! 🙂

1) Getting Free Moving Boxes

Moving old furniture costs a lot of money. Wouldn’t it be best if you could get a handy utility for free?

Get free moving boxes. You can find them up on Craigslist (free section) and warehouses.

2) Scheduling the Tasks

You should know about your next move. What are you going to do after step 1? Old furniture removal is a series of step and one small mistake can cost you a misfortune.

Make flashpoints about various steps of the whole operation and plan your procedure accordingly.

3) Taking Pictures of Plugged Electronics

Our electronic devices have lots of small plugging wires and assembling them together in the new place would be difficult.

The trick is to take a photograph of wires along with their ports. Unplug them, put them in boxes and once you reach the new place, you can tally the port positions.

4) Putting Fragile Things in Foam

According to laws of Physics, ‘when the time of motion increases, force decreases’

If you decide to pack fragile things in foam containers, the danger of broken goods will significantly decrease.

Bubble wrap can also be used for this purpose.

5) Categorical Packing

Packing all the contents of your house can seem a little insane so it is best if you pack items, categorizing them according to rooms.

For example, all the items of room one will go to box one. Similarly, all the items of room two will go to box two and so on.

6) Taking Care of Jewelry

You can pack jewelry in egg cartons so that it may not tangle with itself.

Tape the egg cartons so that nothing falls out of them. For necklace and broken bracelets, you can use toilet paper rolls by putting one end of jewelry, through the roll and fastening the clasp.

7) Cutting Holes in Side of Moving Boxes

For old furniture removal, you have to put them in moving boxes. But moving boxes are large in size. How to lift them up?

One of the ways to lift them up is by cutting holes on either side. This makes it easier to insert hand and to hold them up.

8) Dedicate A Special Place for Liquids

If you decide to put liquids with solids, they may spill, causing damage to your goods. What you should do is, to dedicate a special place for liquids. Put all your liquid soaps, sanitizers, moisturizers and disinfectants together. Make sure to seal them good before transportation.

9) Comparing the Rates:

There are professional moving companies and junk removal companies as well who charge you for moving your goods between the houses. You can lower your expenditure by comparing the rates of professional movers and then finalizing your decision based on skillset, professionalism, and price of a company.