How to Reduce Food Waste at Home?

1. Measure the Quantity

You know the quantity of food that is consumed by you and your family members, so it’s the best way to cook or bring food items that you feel will get consumed and you don’t need to worry about the leftover and expiration date.

2. Make a Plan

Make a plan of your daily food intake. How much do you consume, what your family members like and the cook food for them? In this case you don’t need to worry about food waste. It is not that difficult to make a plan. In fact, it is easier to make a plan than to worry about the leftover food.

3. Decide Your Grocery Trips

Don’t buy so many grocery items in one trip instead you can go for grocery 3-4 times in a month in this way you will fill your trolley with unnecessary stuff that you know you would not consume.

4. Reuse the Leftover

Lots of recipes are available on the internet regarding leftover food. Like you can make a chicken sandwich from leftover chicken in the morning. In this way you can enjoy a new dish without the guilt of wasting food. If the food is unusable, you can throw it in the trashcan then, and use a south Florida junk removal service for garbage removal.

5. Bring Lunch to Your Workplace

You can make delicious lunch items at your home and can bring this to your workplace. In this way you can save some money and unhygienic food as well.

6. Preserve Food Strategically

You can buy storage boxes for your fridge or freezer. You can preserve your leftover/excess food in it and can eat it whenever you want to. Simple bruises on fruits and vegetable are ignorable. You can just cut the small portion and you can consume the rest. You don’t need to remove the peel of carrot and cucumber, they have so much nutrients in it. Similarly, Broccoli stalks can be served with grilled chicken, steaks or fries.

7. Detox Water

Some people don’t like the taste of water and that’s why their water intake is quite low. You can make detox water by using cucumber, mint lemon apple and at the same time it will taste good.

8. Mask

You can make different mask from the peel or fruits at the same time you can save yourself from harmful chemicals in skin care products available in the market. Banana, Strawberry, Avocado and Orange all these fruits are really beneficial for your skin. Just add some honey and use it as a facial mask or scrub. Coffee with sugar can act as a lip scrub to make this scrub you just need a small portion of coffee and sugar and any essential oil. You lip scrub is ready!!

9. Treat Birds Well

If you don’t find any suitable recipe for the leftover food, then you can place a bowl at roof or at your terrace and you can give the leftover food to birds. Watching them eating that food will give you inner peace.

10. Deserving People Near Your House

Rather than wasting your excess food (not leftover), there are so many people out there who can’t afford food for them you can find them and share your food with them as well. If you have unnecessary food and much other unusable stuff in your house, you can use a junk removal Miami service to get it removed and put it to good purpose.